Weekly Club Runs and Walks

Club Run

Indy Runners and Walkers provides group club runs and walks for your year-round enjoyment. There is a pace for the beginner, the flyer, and everyone in between.

Have you ever thought about trying out one of our club runs. There's nothing to it. Simply show up, and we'll do our best to make you feel welcome and explain how the runs work.

Details about individual runs including directions can be found following the table.


Day / TimePaceStarting PlaceContact InformationDistance


6:00 PM*



Hinkle Fieldhouse Gate 1 
Butler University
510 W. 49th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Richard GreeneRichard Greene



1 - 8+ miles (Central Canal Towpath)

6:00 PM


Downtown YMCA at the Athenaeum
401 E Michigan St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Meet in the lobby inside the east entrance of the building. (Please arrive early to sign in.)

3 - 6 miles

5:30 PM


Runners Forum (Broad Ripple)
902 E Westfield Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46260


Averages 4 miles


6:00 PM

Runners Runners Forum (Broad Ripple)
902 E Westfield Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46260
1 - 8+ miles (Central Canal Towpath or Monon Trail)


8:00 AM (Oct. - May)

7:30 AM (June - Sept.


Wooden Deck in Broad Ripple 
Southeast corner of E. Westfield Blvd and Winthrop Ave. This is on the Monon Trail next to the Brugge Brasserie.

Most participants walk north/south along the Monon Trail, so you can walk as short or as far as you want.

1 - 6 miles (Monon Trail)

Longer walks are available during the summer/fall training months



8:00 AM (Oct. - May)

7:30 AM (June - Sept.)



Wooden Deck in Broad Ripple
Southeast corner of E. Westfield Blvd and Winthrop Ave. This is on the Monon Trail next to the Brugge Brasserie.

Most participants run north/south along the Monon Trail, so you can run as short or as far as you want.

Brian Schuetter

Brian Schuetter

3 - 10 miles (Monon Trail)

Longer runs are available during the summer/fall marathon training months



7:00 AM (June - Aug.)
8:00 AM (Sept. - May)



Benjamin Harrison YMCA Parking Lot
5736 Lee Road
Indianapolis, IN 46216 

(Please check a map when looking for directions as this address does not appear quite right in some mapping programs.) 


Tom Martin
(317) 439-8350


2 - 13.1 miles

* Note: The Tuesday run is superceded by the Indy Runners Spring Half Marathon Training Program for runners and walkers on Tuesday nights from mid January through late April .

** Note: The Saturday run and walk is superceded by the Indy Runners Fall Race Training Program (free to all members) on Saturday mornings from mid July through October at the listed starting time and location.  Even if you're not training for a marathon or half marathon, we still invite you to come out and run or walk with this large group.

Hinkle Fieldhouse (MAP )

Meet at Gate 1. This run starts at the Fieldhouse and goes along 52nd St to the Central Canal Towpath, which has a nice, crushed limestone surface. The runs typically head southwest along the canal. It is an out and back course so you can run whatever distance you choose! On any given day, there will be different paces and distances, so there is a distance and pace for everyone. Afterwards, we typically hang around and socialize. Showers and lockers are sometimes available at the Fieldhouse.


Downtown YMCA at the Athenaeum (MAP )

Meet in the lobby of the YMCA, which is inside the east entrance of the building at 401 E. Michigan St. (downtown corner of Michigan St. and New Jersey St.). Lockers and showers are available to participants in the run and walk. However, please come early as you will need to sign in prior to the run/walk so that a list can be given to the front desk each week letting them know who to give access to the facility. Bring your own lock for the lockers. Wallet lockers are also available. There are no bathrooms along the route; however, the Antheneum has restrooms. We use two general routes shown here and here .

We will socialize at the next door Rathskeller Biergarten once a month after selected run/walks.  Announcements will be made the week prior to the run.


Runners Forum in Broad Ripple (MAP )

Meet inside the Runners Forum in Broad Ripple. There are multiple places to run or walk, including the Central Canal Towpath and Monon Trail.


Saturday Morning Deck (MAP )

We meet at the wooden deck next to the Monon Trail at the corner of E. Westfield Blvd and Winthrop Ave. in Broadripple. (This is next to the Brugge Brasserie.) People will be running or walking various speeds and distances. Six to ten miles are the most common running distances (up to 6 miles for the walkers) during the winter with some even longer distances common during the summer, but we tend to run or walk an out and back route north then south along the Monon Trail, so all distances (including shorter distances) are possible.


Benjamin Harrison YMCA (MAP)

Meet on the east side of the parking lot near Lee Road. Here is a map showing various running routes.

Courses are available from 2 to 13.1 miles. Six miles of the course is inside Fort Harrison State Park. You must have a pass to enter the park. The daily pedestrian entry fee is $2 per person. An annual entrance permit which is good at all Indiana state parks is available for $50. These annual passes run from January 1st to December 31st. Please note: The park fee schedule is subject to change. Check the current fee schedule here.