Popular Speed Session Program Returns

Personal Best Training

Speed Sessions

The last four years, Indy Runners has offered the opportunity to be involved with weekly quality running sessions arranged by long-time local Coach Matt Ebersole of Personal Best Training.  Due to continued strong interest, we are again offering access to these sessions in 2017. The focus will be on challenging you, training smarter, getting faster, and having more fun. If any or all of these are appealing, then these sessions will be for you. 

Each workout is structured with a specific training purpose in mind and will be explained thoroughly and given at levels for the most competitive and accomplished runners to those just beginning to explore higher quality training. ALL SPEEDS ARE WELCOME. The workouts will include stamina building steady state runs, long intervals, and economy and speed building shorter anaerobic intervals, as well as mixes of these training types. We will meet where E. 67th St. meets the Monon Trail (near the Indianapolis Art Center). We have access to the trail, a track, a hill circuit, and a great road loop. These are are used for appropriate workouts. 

The first time out may be a little intimidating, but after doing this for more than 25 years, Matt knows that if you give it a few weeks you will enjoy it in a way only a runner could enjoy something so challenging. He has people who are very fast and others not so fast (yet!), but if you are concerned about not having a training partner at your speed, then bringing a friend is a great way to make sure. Plan to arrive early the first week to introduce yourself and ask questions.

The training sessions will occur on Tuesday evenings and last for 17 weeks beginning Tuesday, July 11, 2017 and ending on Tuesday, October 31, 2017, just in time for the Monumental Marathon or other fall race(You are under no obligation to be there every week, so if you can't be there the first few weeks, don't worry about it!) We will meet at 5:40pm and start the warm-up by 5:45pm. The cost for the 17 week session is only $50 (plus small online processing fee). This offer is for Indy Runners members only. (Not a member yet? You can learn about an Indy Runners membership on our "Join us" page. Use the below link to both sign-up for Indy Runners and the speed sessions for a total of $75.

There is no charge for an initial “trial” visit.

For more information about Personal Best Training, see personalbesttraining.com. If you have any questions, you may contact Coach Ebersole at pbtau@hotmail.com.

GetMeRegistered.com Registration is now open!!!

Note: These speed sessions are in addition to the regular Tuesday evening 6:00pm club runs which will continue to meet in Broad Ripple. We look forward to seeing you at either run.