Indy Runners: Trail Marathon Weekend - Day 1  

Location: Silver Lake Beach Pinckney State Recreation Area
Date / Time: 4/29/2017 (8:00 AM)
Distance(s): 13.1 Mile
Contact: Dawn McConnachie
Web Site:
Race Information: NEW FOR 2017! The No Wimps Jr. Challenge! Run both the half marathon on Saturday and the Road Ends 5 Mile on Sunday to complete the challenge. No Wimps Jr. participants will receive a half marathon tech shirt, a 5 Mile cotton shirt, 2 finishers medals and a No Wimps Jr. medal! BACK AGAIN FOR 2017! The NO WIMPS challenge - run the half marathon on Saturday and either the Full Marathon on 50k on Sunday to complete the NO WIMPS challenge. NO WIMPS participants receive one tech shirt, 2 finisher medals, a NO WIMPS finisher shirt and a NO WIMPS medal. This race, now in it's 31st year, started before a single knobby bike tire rolled around Potowatami Trail. "Poto", is a big bad loop of hilly kick your butt wilderness single track trail. Due to the fact that most Americans are comatose couch potato wimps, the 12,000 acres of Pinckney Recreation Area remains a wilderness, even though it's only a 55 minute drive from metro Detroit.
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